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Who We Are

SoMa was created from a passion to help small businesses achieve maximum growth utilizing the latest marketing strategies. Today, marketing channels are more readily available to businesses of all sizes. 


Even so, small businesses struggle with shifting the focus from day to day functions to marketing planning. Unlike many large corporations that have dedicated staff for these initiatives, small companies are doing this on the side and at irregular intervals. To make marketing effective it must be consistent and persistent. Our goal at SoMa is to provide this consistency for small companies, in essence, becoming their marketing department.

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Sophia Matsas, Founder

Our Founder

I knew early on that I would have a career in a creative industry. I remember being in the fifth grade winning a logo contest for an electrical company and feeling so proud that my vision stood out from the rest.  That pride has carried me throughout my career and has driven me to achieve the very best for both myself and my clients.


My passion for helping small businesses has much to do with my life now. My husband and many of the people in my life have small businesses. I often find myself marketing their businesses in my head from the type of website they would have to the email campaigns we'd run, the brochures I would design...the list is endless. When I finally got out of my head, I realized, I could make my ideas a reality and so began my journey with SoMa.

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