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In this gallery, you will find a collection of stories for our clients. For you to understand the concept behind our strategies and designs, it is also important to understand the story behind them. 

With every client we are fortunate to work with, there are unique needs and preferences. We pride ourselves on our ability to put ourselves in our clients shoes to understand those needs and ultimately design a marketing strategy, website and brand that fits the personality of the business. 

Click on the images below to view our stories.

Twist Yarn Shoppe

Twist Website | Web Design by SoMa Boutique Markeing
Raccio & Drew Website | Web Design by SoMa Boutique Markeing

Raccio & Drew Dental

That Look Website | Web Design by SoMa Boutique Markeing

That Look Salon

  • Branding

  • Web Design

  • Print Management

Twist Yarn Shoppe opened its doors in September of 2016. When I met with Jen & Lisa at their shop, it was still under construction. But from the moment you walked in their doors, their style was shining through. With antique, white washed trunks, copper counter tops and custom natural wood frames, you are immediately enveloped in a warmth of country chic. 

The intent of their website was to bring a little bit of their shop to your screen. This site has since evolved into a booking system for the classes they offer as well as stay in touch by signing up for their newsletters.

With the site complete we further developed their brand by designing their business cards, punch cards, flyers, coupons and all the tools necessary to market their business. Take a look at their site at

  • Web Design

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Management

  • Online Reputation Management

  • SEO & Blogging

  • Email Marketing

  • Promotional Marketing

Raccio & Drew Website | Web Design by SoMa Boutique Markeing
Google My Business Management
  • Facebook Social Icon

When I met with the staff at Raccio & Drew Dental, LLC, they were frustrated with their existing website, because it was outdated and difficult to edit. Their site at the time was provided through a template based dental marketing firm and lacked orginality. They wanted a unique site to show they are a "hometown" dentist that was an integral part of the community.  With that in mind, we decided to create a custom designed site on the Wix platform.


They were thrilled with the results and the fact they could expand on their site. Since launch, we have signed on with the office to handle their entire marketing program. I now work closely with the staff, as their marketing manager to; 

  • Develop a  Marketing Strategy

  • Implement and manage their Social Media Marketing

  • Define their SEO Strategy & manage their blog

  • Manage email marketing campaigns, and 

  • Monitor and manage their online reputation marketing via Google MyBusiness & Healthgrades

That Look Website | Web Design by SoMa Boutique Markeing
  • Logo Design

  • Web Design

  • Marketing Management

  • Social Media Marketing

That Look Brochure | Design by SoMa
That Look Brochure | Design by SoMa

Having the opportunity to work with Susan at That Look Salon has been one of the great blessings in my career. She is a successful and inspiring woman business owner. When I met with her, we discussed how we could work together to market her business. Her main goal being to stay in touch with her customers.


We first looked at what needed to be done to update the brand, so we redesigned the logo. Simplicity was the most crucial factor in all that we did, so we stuck with a simple font logo. Next we redesigned the salon brochure to be more in line with the new logo and finally, we redesigned the website. 

Now, I look forward to continue to work with Susan and her staff to develop her marketing strategy & implement a consistent social media marketing plan!​

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